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The extraordinary design and performance of our tangential pivoted tonearm Simplicity required a fitting turntable. The compact Thales Turntable with battery-drive (TTT-C) is made to match the Simplicity tonearm perfectly in all aspects: technically, optically and tonally. It provides the most accurate and harmonic sound possible, in a compact and sublime design never seen before.




Phasemation PP-1000

Low impedance MC cartridge that draws out a virtual feel of music and the artist's passion, which is carved in the record.

Phasemation has started from cartridge development as an original point. The fruits researched and know-how accumulated since P1 release 10 years ago have been compiled; thereby we have realized the middle/treble sounds with the extremely fresh sound quality and rich bass sounds which are woven to the perfect harmony.

Shelter’s flagship model, the Harmony, employs dry carbon fiber (CFRP) for the body shell. CFRP delivers a superb acoustic characteristic and is an ideal match with the newly designed motor assembly. This combination is capable of delivering a great musical reproduction even on records with less than optimal recordings.

Model 9000
The Model 9000 is our finest cartridge to date. It provides high output voltage of 0.65mV with superior bandwidth and is perfectly balanced across the frequency spectrum. We have achieved a level of performance that is incredibly quiet while reproducing extraordinary levels of musical information. Although the science is state of the art, the 9000 is sonically solid, full and classic and is perfect with all musical tastes.

tw-acustic, The Black Night portrays the music’s every detail with subtlety and stereo depth, whether it be human voice or instruments. 

THE CESSARO BETA 0.5 IS COMPLETELY UNLIKE OTHER HI-FI LOUDSPEAKERS, there is no compression or distortion, the Beta 0.5 is dynamic yet delicate with the most beautiful tone.

E.A.R. 890

Push-pull power amplifier. 70 Watts per channel stereo (bridgeable to 140 watts mono) into 4, 8, or 16 ohms. Uses KT90 output tubes. Self-biasing.Balanced and unbalanced operation.

Review (Positive Feedback)

AAS Gabriel / DaVinciAudio Reference Turntable MKII

Simply terrific !
Almost every time we do an analog Buyer’s guide we feature a picture of the aas gabriel/Da vinci reference turntable on the“cover.” The reason should be obvious to anyone with eyes: it’s among the most beautiful hi-fi components in the world. Happily, in the Da vinci’s case beauty is more than skin-deep, for the latest iteration of this design gem is also one of the highest-fidelity turntables and tonearms in the world.

Jonathan Valin, Executive Editor TAS


“Return of The Legend”

“The Legend IV” speaker has been our centerpiece speaker design since 1993 when we were formerly call Legend Audio Design. The speaker has undergone countless updates, upgrades and design tweaks. Now, we’d like to introduce the appropriate successor, the “Return of The Legend”. We have redesigned this speaker from the ground up. The speaker features a new design with new cabinetry, crossover and other components.




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