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AAS Gabriel / DaVinciAudio Reference Turntable MKII

Simply terrific !  Almost every time we do an analog Buyer’s guide we feature a picture of the aas gabriel/Da vinci reference turntable on the “cover.” The reason should be obvious to anyone with eyes: it’s among the most beautiful hi-fi components in the world. Happily, in the Da vinci’s case beauty is more than skin-deep, for the latest iteration of this design gem is also one of the highest-fidelity turntables and tonearms in the world. 

Our aim in developing the Raven One was to be able to offer our customers a compact turntable whilst simultaneously making available the technology and build quality of the universally acclaimed Raven AC to a more competitive price bracket. We have now succeeded in that aim. The innovative development as well as the tried and tested materials used in the Raven AC are of course also used in the Raven One too. These circumstances lead to an effective, easy to use and reliable layout.
The newly-developed Raven GT is not simply there to fill the gap between our base model the Raven One and the classic Raven AC. It incorporates knowledge and experience that we have made over the years. The primary aim was to be able to offer a compact turntable which could run two tonearms without any sonic compromise for a reasonable price.

We have taken the exceptional properties of copper, and in conjunction with our special polymer we have developed a compound platter. The musical reproduction benefits from breathtaking soundstaging and stereo depth, the representation of the instruments gains substance. The whole sound characteristic becomes clearer and more relaxed. Platter drive is via a maintenance-free belt.

TW ACUSTIC presented the Raven and Falcon turntables for the first time over ten years ago. At the time, only five Falcons were ever built, each one representing a unique build. The advantage that the Raven, in contrast to the Falcon, could accept anything up to four tonearms was so compelling that we decided to develop only the original Raven to its current form the Raven AC, and not to pursue the more basic-shaped Falcon further.
Raven-Black Night
Naturally, the experience gained over the last few years stood us in good stead for developing the Black Night, yet despite drawing on these experiences, the Black Night also incorporates many innovative features not seen before in this form. The Raven Black Night is a truly monumental turntable, as its sheer size and weight testify. Despite this, thanks to the proportions, colour and choice of materials, the design remains pleasing and harmonious.

For ten years now TW Acustic has been making a lasting impression on the turntable market. With our first model the original Raven perfect build quality became the standard. Not only that, back then we broke new ground and were the first manufacturer to use a custom-developed synthetic compound based on Delrin. Due to its perfect damping properties, it is almost impossible nowadays to think of a better choice of material than this for modern turntable construction. Also, the use of high-torque motors and sophisticated controllers allowed us to set a new benchmark. Thanks to our developments, music-lovers worldwide are able to indulge their audiophile passions with full satisfaction, and to enjoy their fascination with turntables on an impressive level.





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